How to delete a data point (outlier)

This tutorial will show you how to delete an outlier from the efficiency chart; however, the same method will apply to other charts.

1. Select the type of chart you like to review.
Ex. In this case the "Efficiency"

2. Approximate the X and Y values you will like to delete.
Ex. In this I will like to delete only two points ( X = ~ 15-16K; and Y = ~51%, ~18%.) 

3. Select "Show Data Grid" button and the test no.
Ex. In this case T1.

4. Scroll the data grid and find the points and review the trend.
Ex. In this case is very easy to notice that the trend is between ~25-28% efficiency. The grid shows two points: 53.3% and 16.1% - BINGO!

5. Highlight the row and select "DEL" from your keyboard.
6. Done