miniPRO for Windows

How to Delete a Test Run

This tutorial will show you how to delete a test run. 1. Make sure save your test files before deleting anything. 2. To delete a test run, simple go-to File->Delete, and select the test run. 3. Done

Throttle Controller Speed and Acceleration Tuning

The “Speed” and “Acceleration” inputs allow the speed and acceleration of the servo or esc throttle to be adjusted in real time. The default values are cero. Speed*: This option specifies the speed of the servo/esc in units of 0.25 μs / (10 ms). For example, with a speed of 4, the servo/esc throttle will change by at most 1 μs per 10 ms, or 100.00 μs/s. (Speed = 0 corresponds to unlimited speed) Acceleration*: This option specifies the acceleration of the servo/esc throttle in units of (0.25...

How to delete a data point (outlier)

This tutorial will show you how to delete an outlier from the efficiency chart; however, the same method will apply to other charts. 1. Select the type of chart you like to review. Ex. In this case the "Efficiency" 2. Approximate the X and Y values you will like to delete. Ex. In this I will like to delete only two points ( X = ~ 15-16K; and Y = ~51%, ~18%.) 3. Select "Show Data Grid" button and the test no. Ex. In this case T1. 4. Scroll the data grid and find the points and revi...

How to Adjust Screen Resolution (v3.2 only)

- Open miniPRO for Windows v3.2 - Select "Options" - Go-to the "General Tab" - Select "Enable Low Resolution Monitor" - Select "OK" - Restart the application - Done!

International Users - Please Read!

** ** **Description:** **When opening the miniPRO for Windows application, an error will pop-up, or the gauges wont display the RPM.** ------------------------- **How to Fix:** * Go-to Control Panel * then select "Regional Settings" * then select "Additional Settings" * Match the following settings and click OK.