How to Calibrate Reference Voltage

The reference voltage is used to determine accurate analog readings like voltage, current and temperatures. It's important to understand that your PC powers the dynamometer (dyno) via USB to properly function the sensors; and each PC supplies different voltages. Depending on your PC this voltage (we call it reference voltage) varies from time to time and it must be configurated in your dynamometer settings. This tutorial will show you how to calibrate the reference voltage on your dynamometer controller board:

1. Place your dynamometer in Setup Mode
2. Carefully measure the voltage using a voltmeter shown below. Ignore polarity (+ or - values).

3. Make a note of the voltage reading and change the voltage reference value in your settings.

Note: Ideally the voltage should be close to 5V. If you are getting a very low voltage or it changes from time to time please consider changing USB Cables or testing the software on another PC. The voltage on portable devices varies more frequently than on Desktops.

4. Save the settings and close the window. 
5. Done!