Throttle Controller Speed and Acceleration Tuning

The “Speed” and “Acceleration” inputs allow the speed and acceleration of the servo or esc throttle to be adjusted in real time. The default values are cero.

This option specifies the speed of the servo/esc in units of 0.25 μs / (10 ms). For example, with a speed of 4, the servo/esc throttle will change by at most 1 μs per 10 ms, or 100.00 μs/s. (Speed = 0 corresponds to unlimited speed)

This option specifies the acceleration of the servo/esc throttle in units of (0.25 μs) / (10 ms) / (80 ms). For example, with an acceleration of 4, the speed of the servo/esc throttle will change by a maximum of 1250 μs/s every second. (Acceleration = 0 corresponds to unlimited acceleration)

All the input values must be integers. For example, acceleration of 1.5 can not be entered, it must be 1 or 2.

Speed and Acceleration Settings