Dyno Software & Firmware Update - 7.24.2017


Version: 3.1

Release Date: 07.25.2017

Firmware Compatibility: v1.5.

What is New?

  • New Chassis Dyno Settings - Yes....the chassis dyno is now in-stock!
  • New MPH/KPH Option for Chassis Dyno.
  • New IR Temperature Sensor Support. - New sensor coming this August!
  • New Current Sensors Library. - More sensors are coming this August!
  • New Factory Reset Option.
  • New Voltage Adjustment setting to increase accuracy in your voltage readings.
  • Automatically Refresh the Communication Ports.
  • Fixed the Print Preview error. No need to open the application with admin privileges. 
  • Fixed the annoying bug that "sometimes" the run won't plot the graph.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Please note that you must install the software before updating the firmware.

Where to Download?

Click the link below to download the Software v3.1 with Firmware v1.5.