Dyno Software Update v4.0.0 - 05.31.2018


Version: 4.0.0

Release Date: 05.31.2018

Firmware Compatibility: v1.7

What is New?

  • New Live Gauge User Interface
  • New Chart User Interface
  • New Print Features
  • New Summary User Interface
  • New Dyno Settings User Interface
  • miniPRO Dyno and Dyno Settings are in one application
  • Auto Test is now Sequences - can simulate your own testing
  • New +20 Graphs to choose from
  • Increased graph stability
  • More graph settings
  • Ability to assign and rename live gauges
  • Ability to Save all test in one file, including title and descriptions
  • Ability to adjust the throttle PWM limits for ESC and Servo

How to Install?

  1. Open a ticket and request a serial number. You must send your order no. in order to receive a serial number.
  2. Download the latest firmware v1.7 HERE.
  3. Uninstall old versions of miniPRO.
  4. Install new version 4.0.0
  5. Update the firmware to v1.7.
  6. Done. Enjoy Testing!

Where to Download?

Click HERE to download.