miniPRO Dyno v4.1.0


Version: 4.1.0

Release Date: 06.18.2018

Firmware Compatibility: v1.7

What is New?

  • RC Crew Chief (RC3) Export Feature
  • Import Test Runs from older versions
  • Chart Print Quality Improvement

How to Install?

  1. Download the latest miniPRO for Windows Software.
  2. Uninstall old versions of miniPRO
  3. Install the latest version of miniPRO for Windows. This software requires a license key (serial number) to be installed. If your dyno is not equipped with firmware v1.7 or above, then you must purchase a license key HERE
  4. Download and Install the latest firmware v1.7 HERE. If you already have the latest firmware installed, then ignore this step.
  5. Done. Enjoy Testing!

FYI: You must have the latest firmware v1.7 to use this version.

Where to Download?

Click the link below to download.